Car Transporter with space for 8-10 Vehicles

When it comes to transportation, AutomotiveTEAM has it covered. Whether you require large volumes of vehicles or a single vehicle to be moved around the country AutomotiveTEAM has the professionalism to make it happen quickly and securely. We can collect vehicles from anywhere in the world and present them wherever they need to go, on time and in the professional manner our clients come to expect.

V.I.P. driver services, AutomotiveTEAM has extensive experience in this area and all our drivers are specially trained in dealing with high-value, high performance vehicles. You can trust AutomotiveTEAM. Your cars, your customers and your brand are in safe hands.


Marketing Event Truck with Trailer
Adaptable Large Transport Trucks for High Performance Vehicles
Small Transport vehicles for Equipment and Signage
Transport Vehicles